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Accounting Outsourcing

Outsourcing your accounting needs allows you to direct your limited resources into more productive areas for your business and guarantees expertise in local laws and regulations.

Statutory Auditing

Statutory Audits are a fundamental legal obligation in Thailand. All registered companies submit annual financial statements that must be compliant with generally accepted Accounting principles.

Advisory Services

We offers a comprehensive Advisory expertise and we have a vast experience in a broad spectrum of businesses. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver tailor-made solutions to our clients.

Paralegal Services

As a Corporate Legal Firm in Bangkok, here at B-Accounting we provide legal services to SME businesses as well as larger organisations.


Our team is highly experienced & brings a refreshing approach to the field of Accounting. You will find us friendly, enthusiastic and flexible and we will always endeavor to deliver accounting solutions that exactly meet your requirements, rather than urging you to conform to narrow pre-ordained principles.

Our Associates are always available to meet, and we pride ourselves on efficient communication and timely responses, whether we are dealing with local management or with European Head Quarter personnel.

With controlled overheads and cost-efficient management systems we are able to offer our accounting services at affordable prices.

Accounting Company Bangkok


B-accounting is Bangkok’s newest and brightest full service Accounting Company. European owned, in association with fully qualified CPA Thai accountants, we specialize in providing first class professional accounting including Outsourcing Services, Statutory Auditing and Tax & Accountancy Advisory Services.
Our philosophy is based on building a strong client relationship that fosters a seamless and trusting association.


Corporate Income Tax in Thailand

This tax is based on your net audit profit. Contrary to large corporations, Corporate Income Tax is calculated at progressive rates for small companies. Learn More about Corporate Income Tax in Thailand →

Personal Income Tax in Thailand

As many countries, individuals must declare their earned income to their tax administration. In Thailand, Personal Income Tax is deducted at source by the employer. These monthly tax deductions depend on an estimate of the global and annual amount of due taxes. Then, by the 31st March of each year, an annual filing is mandatory. In case of differences between employer and employee calculations, tax credit (tax refund) or tax debit (additional payment) will follow. Learn More about Personal Income Tax in Thailand →

Value Tax Added in Thailand

Value Added Tax (VAT) concerns companies having a turnover more than 1.8 million baht per year. It also directly applies in case a work permit or visa has been delivered to a foreigner. There are many particularities to clearly understand in order to lower your VAT liability in Thailand. Ignoring them, may induce losses of VAT credit and therefore increase your VAT liability. Make sure you well respect processes. Visit our page or feel free to contact our tax consultants if needed.Learn More about VAT in Thailand →

Withholding Tax in Thailand

This tax, very surprising for foreigners, applies when paying services or rents in Thailand. For instance, when paying your internet bills, your company is required to deduct 3% from the billed amount excluding VAT. To justify this deduction, you are required to send a withholding tax certificate to your service provider. Visit our page or contact our accountants for more details. Learn More about Withdrawing Tax in Thailand →



You bring us your documents that we compute in our Accounting Software. Once done, your taxes are calculated and your accounting balances are alimented.


After computing all your sales and purchase invoices and obtaining your accounting balances, we produce tailored reporting to perfectly understand your flow of transactions.


Once your accouting report is analysed, it's time to take decisions in order to optimize your growth and your profitability. Our accounting tools aim to accompany your success.










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