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Outsourced Administrative Management

Outsourced Administrative Management solutions in Bangkok enables clients to concentrate limited resources on core business activities, in the full knowledge that all administrative functions are being managed efficiently and effectively.

Accounting services

Accounting Outsourcing

Top quality, professional, comprehensive and flexible Accountancy Outsourcing in Bangkok, tackled with enthusiasm, dedication and attention to detail. B-accounting will take care of your Bookkeeping and Taxation functions, tailored to your exact needs

Bangkok Accounting Services

Statutory Auditing

Truthful and timely Auditing in compliance with Thai law, carried out by qualified and knowledgeable accountants. B-accounting is fully independent and highly experienced in ensuring all financial obligations are delivered.

Accounting Services

Advisory Services

A comprehensive and broad-ranging Advisory and Consultancy service in Bangkok, with highly talented and proficient accounting professionals. B-accounting provides expert interpretation and analysis of management data to assist in your decision making processes.

Accounting Services Thailand

Payroll Outsourcing

Highly confidential and fully flexible Payroll Outsourcing service. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise in Thai rules and regulations, ensure SME clients can be fully confident their payroll management fully complies with the latest legislative requirements.


To make our collaboration with our clients will be fluid, B-Accounting has set-up a unique process

Each businesses have different goals and specificities. At B-accounting we believe in mutual respect and long term relationship.

We offer to our clients a dedicated Accounting expert to manage your day-to-day operations. Whether you need to clarify a specific point or you have a question, we are here to assist you.



This first step consists of discussing with our clients about their business and financial situation in order to better apprehend their accounting flows and to anticipate the best steps to follow with the very best possible methods. During this phase, discussions occur between our teams and our accounting specialists. We list your expectations and figure out how to get started in order to better respond to your needs.



Depending on the size of your company, each month or week, we will collect you invoices, receipts and bank statements. On our side, we proceed to a control of each of your transactions and warn you about potential lacks of formalisation or discrepancies if needed. At B-Accounting, each phase is an opportunity to advise our customers. Once these documents are collected, we record each piece in our software. Depending on your need we offer cloud based solutions. Please free to discuss about it desired.



Your transactions are now recorded, it is now time for reconciliation and tax filings. Based on our records, your tax balances are alimented. We then produce your local tax forms to comply with tax rules. Before each official deadline, we produce your tax forms. The first are your withholding taxes filing then your VAT. The deadlines will vary according to the payment mode you will choose. E-filing tax filers, will benefit of an extension of 1 week. Payment can be done either by cheque, cash or by internet transfer.



Once your tax & legal obligation is completed and your balance reconciliations are done, we produce your financial reports. The goal is to review and track how much money your business is earning (or not). Another purpose consists of delivering a reliable information to the stakeholders of the company (shareholders, lenders, banks, administration, etc). A healthy business is a transparent business, not knowing your figures may lead to conflicts, significant omissions or to lost opportunities to save your cost and to increase your margin.

Interested in our accounting services in Bangkok. Get in touch with our team and we will get back to you within 24hrs.

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