New Minimum Wages for Skilled Workers !

by Vincent / 4 February 2017 / Published in B-Accounting, Blog
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Skilled workers in five industries – Electrical and Electronics; Auto-Parts; Automotive; Jewelry; Logistics – will soon receive the benefits of new legislation that will increase minimum wages to between 340 and 550 Baht per day, depending on levels of skills and experience.

The legislation came into effect on 10th August, when it was formally published in the Government Gazette, and must be implemented by employers within 90 days of this date. The Ministry of Labor stated that the new wage system will allow skilled workers in the five industry sectors to earn the money they deserve whilst providing employers with the opportunity to recruit workers with the skills and ability levels set by the Ministry itself. It added that the Ministry was further investigating the possibility of regulating minimum wages in a number of other industry sectors.

Employers who fail to implement the new wage levels will be liable to severe penalties that could include up to six months imprisonment and a fine of up to 100,000 Baht.

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