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Financial reports can sometimes be a difficult swamp to swim through, here are some simple tips to help you understand basic accounting terms Balance Sheet This basic form gives…

Balance Sheet:
This basic form gives a glimpse of the company’s assets, or what it owns, and what it owes, such as liabilities and equity...

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The Bankruptcy Act (No.9) B.E. 2559 (2016) became effective on 25 May 2016, broadening the provision relating to the reorganization of a debtor’s business to allow a debtor who is unable to repay his debt avoid bankruptcy.

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The latest World Bank Report for East Asia and Pacific, 2016-2018, suggests that growth in the region will remain resilient over the next three years, but that in the longer term there are significant risks, and countries need to take measures to reduce financial and fiscal vulnerabilities.

In particular, the Report recommends that countries address constraints to sustained and inclusive growth, by filling infrastructure gaps, reducing malnutrition and promoting financial inclusion.

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Agreement has been reached, subject to Cabinet approval, for an increase in the minimum wage in 69 Thai provinces, to be effective 1st January 2017 – the first such increase for three years. M.L. Puntrik Smiti, the chairman of the Wage Committee, recently announced that a 5 Baht increase (to 305 Baht per day) will apply in 49 provinces, an 8 Baht increase in 13 provinces, and a 10 Baht rise in 7 provinces, including Bangkok and surrounding districts. There will be no increase, currently, for the remaining 8 provinces.

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The Cabinet of the Thai Government has approved a number of measures to encourage individuals to operate businesses in the form of juristic persons. These include:

Income Tax, VAT, Specific Business Tax and Stamp Duty exemptions on the transfer of ownership of immovable property and assets to newly established companies or juristic partnerships...

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The Thai Government has presented a resolution to extend the period for the promotion of business operations in the Specific Economic Development Zone (SEZ), with a number of concessions for…

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In what is seen as good news for businesses in Thailand, the Thai Government has extended the reduced Value Added Tax (VAT) rate of 7% for a further 12-month period.…

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Skilled workers in five industries – Electrical and Electronics; Auto-Parts; Automotive; Jewelry; Logistics – will soon receive the benefits of new legislation that will increase minimum wages to between 340…

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The Thai Cabinet has approved the Ministry of Finance’s proposal on a diminution in the personal income tax applicable from 2017 This reduction is applied to the last tax bracket. In 2016…