VAT in Thailand

Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax calculated on the sale of goods or services in Thailand.


VAT Payable = Output Tax (sales VAT) minus Input Tax (purchase VAT)

In case your purchase VAT is more than you sales VAT, you may keep your tax credit to report month after month. Alternatively, you can ask a refund to the Revenue Department when submitting your VAT form (PP30) to the Revenue Department.


On the 15th of the month following the date of the issuance date of the tax invoice (receipt).


  • ✓ Companies with a turnover less than 1,8 million baht excepted if a visa or work permit are delivered to foreign employees or directors;
  • ✓ Import of magazine, newspapers or books;
  • ✓ Medical Services;
  • ✓ Service billed by Thai governmental organization;
  • ✓ Transportation;
  • ✓ Educational services;
  • ✓ Imports of certain categories of agricultural products;
  • ✓ Statutory Audit services;
  • ✓ Renting of immovable properties.
  • ✓ Certain cultural services.
Tax Rate %
General Thai rate 7%
Imported services or goods
Exported services or goods 0%
Sales of services or goods to state-owned entities or government 0%
Sales of goods from companies located in Free Trade Zones 0%

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